Teammates that make you better.

Culture that inspires you to out perform.

Cerebrum Team at Mount Washington Pittsburgh

Culture is #1 at Cerebrum.

We’re a team of people who define culture together.
We reward our team mates, and push each other for excellency.

Our Mission

To restore your identity and give you sovereignty. Using emerging blockchain technologies and self-sovereign identity to build a protocol that efficiently harnesses smart contract technology, blockchain oracles, and decentralized identifiers. Cerebrum will advance digital identity at a government level and improve humanity's position on identity sovereignty globally.

Cerebrum Team Sebastian Mellen and Lance Ennen at Ethdenver

Our Vision

We believe in a world allowing all our users to control and own their identities. Therefore, we are constantly focusing on innovating around self-sovereign identity. We believe in self-sovereign identity over a central point of authority, owning your identity, controlling who can see it and which parts of your identity are shared, and most importantly, stopping impersonators.

Cerebrum Team at Little League Vid Pilot

Our People

Our networks support our global team, providing a welcoming environment where mentorship and community create an unparalleled sense of belonging and growth. Curious about Cerebrum Neurons around the globe? Have questions about what it's like to work here? Contact us for more information.

Cerebrum Team in Munich, Germany


Employee token offering and stock option plan

Cerebrum is invested in you just as we want you to be invested to. This is why Cerebrum offers its employees a token offering and stock option plan.

Company-sponsored Insurance

Medical, dental, and vision plans for you and your family

Company-sponsored 401(K) plans

Company matched 401(k) plans for you and your family.

Generous Paid Time Off

Unlimited vacation time. Just don't forget about your Cerebrum family.

Discounted corporate gym membership

We believe the mind needs phycial exercise for exceptionally high out-put, which is why we cover your monthly gym membership.

Annual holiday party

We have a special annual holiday party for your employees.

Multiple company-sponsored events

We are a global company with a mission to let our employees explore the world and live their best lives. Pick where you want to meet your team!

Paid Parental Leave

Parental leave is a paid leave that is granted to a parent of a newborn.

Check out our open roles and see if you can make the cut..