Cognition — a better way to manage your CRA

Tired of paying for legacy software and teams that won't build requested and necessary features? Cerebrum's Cognition system helps you manage all your screening and processing in an integrated, easy-to-use platform that plugs into our VID App ecosystem.

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Manage compliance in a click

Don't spend your time slogging through piles of hard to work with data. Cognition can help you manage your internal background screening processes from start to finish, and provide all the integrations you need to get going.

  • 30+ Integrations

    We integrate with top service providers, labs, and data sources from across the country. If you need to plug into a system, we've got it, and if we don't, we'll build the integration for you.

  • Clear pricing, fair contracts

    We strive to make our customers happy and content. We don't just provide a good product, we also work tirelessly to provide good customer support and transparent and fair agreements.

  • Speed and simplicity

    We make sure Cognition is fast and easy to use by keeping things clean, simple, and powerful. Good user experience is our top priority.

Get a panoramic view

See your organization's data like you've never seen it before — from above. Stop worrying about tracking team performance and managing people one-by-one. Get a bird's eye view.

  • Integrated and external analytics

    Do you use an external analytics provider and want to be able to export analytics data from your CRA software? We allow that! And if you don't use any external analytics, we offer a basic set of integrated analytics out of the box.

  • Commision and sales management support

    If your sales team works on commission, you know how hard it is to accurately keep track of who should be paid what. Cognition allows you to instantly see sales analytics and keep track of payout amounts on a flexible yet transparent basis.

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