Cerebrum's Provenance Validator — Verify Anything

Cerebrum's blockchain-based Provenance Validator makes it easy to verify any kind of data. In one click, you can issue your customers/patients/employees/etc. a link and QR code to a verifiable data store. We run live programs for COVID-19 test validation and other data verifications.

Verify any kind of data

By scanning one QR code or visiting a link, anyone can verify the legitimacy of any kind of data, be it a COVID-19 test, compliance document, or vaccination card.

  • 30+ Integrations

    We integrate with top service providers, labs, and data sources from across the country. If you need to plug into a system, we've got it, and if we don't, we'll build the integration for you.

  • Instant cryptographic data validation

    Our plugin to the Stellar blockchain allows us to instantly verify the cryptographic signature of any given data. We can verify any kind of document.

A highly performant API

Write data on-chain in just a few seconds, the fastest in the industry!

  • Blockchain write times under 6 seconds

    With support for more than 200 transactions per second in a real-world scenario, and a guaranteed less than 6 second on-chain write time, we have the fastest running blockchain timestamping API in the industry.

  • Legally admissible cryptographic signatures

    The cryptographic signatures and responses that our API provides are legally admissible and verifiable.

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