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with verifiable credentials.

Ensure everyone in your organization is credentialed and compliant with Cerebrum's verifiable data technology and vID ecosystem.

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Cryptographically-verified badges, credentials, covid tests, etc.

Manage background screening and compliance all-in-one.

Our Cognition desktop app gives you a panoramic overview of the compliance status of people in your organization. We cover everything from background checks to COVID-19 tests, and even custom badges & credentials.

Lower costs & keep your organization safe

Reduce liability. Save money. Cut down admin time.

Whatever your compliance needs, we bet we can meet them. Our credentialing model fits myriad use cases, and is flexible enough to seamlessly integrate with your existing compliance solutions.

Save Time & Money

Cerebrum's vID technology empowers users to keep their credentials and certifications up-to-date themselves, saving you from tedious admin time.

Keep PII Secure

Our "self-sovereign identity" technology lets users store their own data. You no longer have to hold sensitive data to manage your compliance strategy.

Reduce Liability & Risk

Our provenance system verifies the origin of workforce credentials and ensures they can't be tampered with, freeing you from significant liability and risk.

Ensure Safety & Compliance

Our all-in-one platform gives you a panoramic view of your compliance status, so you can ensure your workforce is credentialed and ready to work.

Custom Badging Flows

Want to issue internal badges or credentials for your organization? From lunch passes to access badges to arena tickets, we've got you covered!

The Compliance Marketplace

Plug into the largest marketplace for compliance credentials and get your workforce the credentials they need in an instant. Seamless, no hassle.

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Implementing Cerebrum's vID technology has been a stunning success for JDP. We've improved privacy for end users, made the clients we serve safer, and saved money in the process.

Eric Bronack

Chief Operating Officer at JDP

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